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MAP-ENABLED APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT - Using industry standard development tools such as C++, Visual Basic, and Java, along with powerful geospatial development tools like MapX, MapXtreme, MapInfo, and MapBasic, CAI develops powerful integrated GIS applications to meet a variety of needs. Ranging from standalone desktop mapping systems to Map-enabled web servers, our integrated applications are effective tools for leveraging the power of GIS for your business.

To ensure a quality product, CAI uses software engineering and project management techniques to develop each application. Our systems analysts will meet with you to define your requirements and then create a functional specification describing the operation of the system. After the specification is finalized, a technical design, project budget and implementation schedule are created and used throughout the project to ensure timely delivery of a quality product.

Applications developed by CAI include:

  • A mapping server for a DSL provider that finds the nearest telco Central Office to a given address or phone# to determine if DSL service can be provided to the address/phone#. The server creates a map showing the entered location and the Central Office, and passes the Map as a GIF file to the Web server for transmission to the user over the Internet. The mapping server was developed using MapXtreme and HahtSite and runs on a Windows NT server.

  • A map-enabled provider referral web server for a national behavioral health care organization. The server locates the nearest provider(s) meeting the entered criteria, then creates an HTML page showing a map of the user and provider(s) locations with a table listing contact information for each provider. The system was developed using MapXtreme and HahtSite and runs on a Windows NT server. ODBC is used to access a back-end Sybase Provider database.

  • A map-enabled World Wide Web server for the Federal Communications Commission which allows visitors to the FCC's Web site to perform sophisticated geographic and attribute queries against spectrum auction, wireless license, and microwave system databases. The system features a custom CGI written in VB which uses ODBC to access a back-end Sybase database, and OLE automation to drive MapInfo ProServer for Mapping services. (ULS-GIS)


Developed by CAI, DEVECOL/Africa is an information resource designed to help those who are supporting or carrying out sustainable development in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. DEVECOL is short for Development Ecology.